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Feeling gratitude

A few days ago, one of my ex-teacher Ma'am Tarana  asked me for my blog's name and link. A little surprised, I must have shown that on my face to my teacher, that prompted her to give me the reason for asking the same. As soon as I heard what my teacher had to say, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. She was going to share my blog link and name on her for other students to be inspired to take up writing. Ma'am Tarana has a blog named Untangling Life's Web. She posts new words and their meanings and she also shares short poems and stories along with grammar concepts and personal experiences. I frequently read and comment on her blog and have learnt many new words.

As soon as I reached home, I told my mother about  the news. My mother was super-excited and proud of me. The next day, ma'am posted a blog with my blog details. It also contained a nine year-old Indo-American girl's blog description.The girl's name is Nitara and she has a blog named Tender quill. I am now able to draw inspiration from her stories as well. I am sure I will now get more readers.

I am grateful as my teacher liked and appreciated my hardwork and posting. I am honoured as she gave me a larger audience to showcase my talent and they would often visit my blog. My writing inspired other kids to take a step forward in the same direction. Most people fear competition but I take it positively as that will bring the test out of me.

I would also like to thank Ma'am Jayanti my Grade 3 teacher as she had advised my mom to get me started with blog. In Grade 3 I had no idea what was a blog and how to manage but it was Ma'am Jayanti trust and believe that I stand here inspiring  my classmates and juniors. Thank you ma'am for the giving me right direction so I could showcase my talent.

Special mention for Ma'am Prerna from Blue Umbrella for teaching and guiding me. She has worked on my writing and divergent thought process. She is also working on my impromptu skills.

I am obliged to all my teachers who groomed me to become what I am today. From the bottom of my heart I know that all my mentors are responsible for my growth. I will continue to follow directions given my them and will make them proud.

Thank you all the teachers for the support and guiding me improve always. 


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